June 16, 2017

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Our Super Cool DJ Team
Our Super Cool DJ Team

Brian - DJ / Owner

Brian has been DJing since 1988 his vast array of music knowledge makes him suitable for any event.

Mike - DJ

Mike has been DJing since 2003 He is Brians step-brother, he is also well versed in the music industry and suitable for any event.

Kyle - DJ

Kyle has been DJing since 2011, and speaks English and French. He specializes in the today's hit music.

Brad - DJ

Brad, The newest DJ is a walking country encylopeida, Great for the 30+ crowd or a dance with a country vibe mixed in.

Member of:

The CPDJA reaches out to Consumers by providing an online registry of DJ Entertainers across Canada. Consumers can have peace of mind knowing that CPDJA Members must follow a Code of Ethics and Mandatory Standards and Practices